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50 hours Aerial yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Welcome to our serene spot for yoga retreats and an insightful school of meditation. Come to this calm spot where ancient yoga meets fun moves in the air. It's all about feeling good and finding yourself in a peaceful place. It's all about promoting well-being and self-discovery in a serene environment. Start a cool journey combining old wisdom with new ways to become a successful aerial yoga teacher.

Let's introspect into the enriching realm presented by our immersive 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Instructor Training:

  • Amplify Your Practice & Instruction
  • Outstanding Blend of Heritage and Modernism
  • Masterful Execution of Aerial Yogasanas
  • Trainers' Techniques & Methodologies
  • Anatomy Comprehension & Safety Concerns
  • Awe-Inspiring Display Of Airborne Artistry
  • Airborne Therapy Anchored on Wellness
  • Personal Transition Journey
  • Acknowledged Skillset And What Lies Ahead

Join our 50-hour program to learn and become an aerial yoga trainer! Have fun moving in the air, learn cool stuff, and feel sure to help others on their journey of change.

When you join, your payment includes a place to stay, meals, and a fun tour. Keep reading for more info!

Why Pursue The 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Trainer Course?

Joining this fun aviation adventure professionally helps you grow personally and advance in your career.
Learn the basics and then move on to fun things. Join a friendly group for skywalking exercises.
Try fun airborne yoga in just 50 hours! It's super easy and exciting. Give Gravity Yoga a go—get stronger, bendier, stay chill, lead fun classes, and find cool jobs.

Let's delve deeper into some notable incentives lurking around:

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Fluttering Free with Aerial Yoga

Our program is great for new trainers. Build a solid base by discovering key exercises, safety tips, and silk hammock techniques.

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Crystallized Core Strength & Propagated Flexibility

Try hanging aero yoga for better balance and strength – get ready for challenges with easy, regular sessions.

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Spinal Decompression Dovetailed Perfect Posture Alignment

Try an aerial yoga hammock for a happy spine and better posture. Dancers make it easy to learn with simple poses and support.

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Bridging the Gap Between Mental Zen-like Composure and Physical Exertion Limits' Appreciation

Relax easily and stay mindful with simple yoga and lively acrobatics inspired by Eastern lessons in performances.

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Polished Tutoring Beliefs And Renewed Assurance

Join short but intense sessions to boost your skills in challenging sky-defying yoga. Expert instructors give simple advice to boost your confidence and keep you safe.

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Creative Expression Supported Playfulness Retreats

Having fun with simple acro-gymnastics lets you express yourself and break free from the crowd!

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Unleashed Toolkit Variations

Professionals say there's a rising demand, and skilled trainers are doing well. Learning for fifty hours and dealing with tricky clients can make the time fun, and the money earned may not seem that important!

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Personal Achievements Paired Self-Exploration

Doing acrobatics can bring big changes. People set goals and stick to them, growing together. If you're just starting to have fun, you can get good at it and find hidden talents before others do!

50 hour aerial yoga in rishikesh
aerial yoga teacher training in rishikesh

yogic iconCourse Certification

Upon Course Completion, You Will Receive A Certificate Of Completion.

50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh: Course Curriculum/Highlights

  • yoga--hand-iconAerial Yoga Fundamentals
  • yoga--hand-iconAerial Asana Mastery
  • yoga--hand-iconTeaching Techniques and Methodology
  • yoga--hand-iconAnatomy and Body Science in Aerial Yoga
  • yoga--hand-iconAerial Artistry and Creative Sequencing
  • yoga--hand-iconAerial Therapy and Healing
  • yoga--hand-iconPersonal Growth and Mindfulness
  • yoga--hand-iconAerial Exploration
  • yoga--hand-iconTeaching Prowess
  • yoga--hand-iconHealing Dimensions
  • yoga--hand-iconCreative Fusion

50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India: Daily Schedule

In the 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, we plan each day with care. We want you to have fun, learn about yourself, and become a good teacher.
Let's see a regular day in the 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. On your journey in Rishikesh, you'll have a good time, learn to teach, take care, and grow.

Here's an overview of a typical day:

Time Day
6:00 AM - 7:30 AM Morning Meditation and Aerial Mindfulness
7:45 AM - 9:15 AM Aerial Asana Practice and Exploration
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Nutrient-Rich Plant-based Breakfast
11:00 AM- 12:00 AM Aerial Anatomy and Body Functions
12:15 AM - 1:15 AM Aerial Teaching Techniques and Methodology
1:30 AM - 2:30 PM Wholesome Plant-based Lunch and Rest
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Aerial Artistry and Creative Sequencing
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM Aerial Therapy and Healing Practices
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Aerial Relaxation and Meditation
6:45 PM - 7:45 PM Group Sharing and Reflection
8:15 PM - 9:00 PM Personal Study or Group Discussions
Keep in mind that the schedule can change based on the program and what participants need each day.

50 Hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India: Course Dates

In Rishikesh, India, our Elevated Yoga Training Course makes learning to move in the air and teaching easy. Join us for an easy journey into aerial skills, where learning is simple and improving is a breeze.
Keep in mind that these dates might change, depending on the program and its availability. Before you make any plans, make sure to check the dates with the yoga retreat and meditation school.
Come with us on a captivating journey to discover the enchanting magic of aerial practice. Join us for a fun time in float yoga. You'll learn more about yourself and be able to guide others. Feel the mix of movement, mindfulness, and teaching skills in the calm vibes of Rishikesh.

Here are the upcoming course dates for this Impactful training:

Dates Status
January 2024 Unavailable Enroll Now
February 2024 Unavailable Enroll Now
March 2024 Almost Full Enroll Now
April 2024 Filling Fast Enroll Now
May 2024 Booking Started Enroll Now
June 2024 Available Enroll Now
July 2024 Available Enroll Now
August 2024 Available Enroll Now
September 2024 Available Enroll Now
October 2024 Available Enroll Now
November 2024 Available Enroll Now
December 2024 Available Enroll Now

3 Days Accommodation & Course Fee

Course Fee Include:

  • You will stay in rooms without AC for 6 nights. If you want AC, there's an extra fee.
  • Enjoy three daily veggie meals
  • Indulge in afternoon tea with the flavors of Masala Chai
  • Experience weekly half-day excursions
  • Stay connected with Included Wi-Fi access
  • All necessary yoga materials provided during classes (including a yoga mat, block, belt, etc.)
  • Explore local sights around Rishikesh during a half-day trip on a designated rest day
  • Receive essential textbooks, printed study handouts, and a comprehensive study manual
  • Upon completion, attain a Course Certification

Course Fee Does Not Include:

  • Airport Transfer (available at additional charges)
  • Travel expenses (such as airfare, train, bus, taxi, etc.)
  • Laundry services (available at additional charges)
  • Extra nights beyond course dates (available at additional charges)
  • Extra excursion not organized by school
  • Air Conditioning / Heater (available at additional charges)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Other Personal Expenses
Refund Policy

Important: Once you pay upfront, you can't get the money back. But, if you need to change, just let us know a week before the program starts. Please Refer to the Refund Policy for More Information.

School Policy & Code of Conduct

Confirmation of Booking Implies Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Yoga Retreat and Meditation School Policy and Code of Conduct. Kindly Review the School Policy and Code of Conduct Carefully Before Finalizing Your Course Registration.

For any query or message please feel free to contact us